Open Studio 2014
Still life with catkins
The field, early morning
Pigeon in my cabbage
Ironing the Russian tablecloth
The heron, Chiswick Park
Autumn flowers
Sweet william
Red roses
Snowdrops in brown mug
Making pastry
Irish farm
Garden with black hens and apples
Girl with jug of tulips
Garden by the sea, West Highlands
Hairdressing at home
Handing up the baby
Rain coming, London allotment
Evening, Thames by Chiswick Draw Dock
Swans and boat near the eyot
Girl sewing
Spring flowers in striped mug
Snowdrops in glass jug
Chat by the river with wine
Shepherds and angels
A pond in Somerset
Lily of the valley
Moonlight, Inverie
Mother and child on beach
Swans passing by
Inverie Bay from window with lily of the valley
Wind, washing and hens
Cooking the mackerel
Crofter by sunflower and hens
Beached boats
Girl sewing with geranium and teapot
View from my window
Cow and calf
Pigeon on Mother and Child
West Highlands shepherd
The sisters in their garden
London allotment
Tea with baby and horses
Birds feeding, Chiswick
Shelling peas
Cooking the plaice
Picnic in Chiswick Park