All Secular paintings
All Secular paintings
Alan’s Jug and Village
Allotment at Aldeburgh
Auricalas and Pear
Autumn Flowers with Shell (2)
Autumn Flowers
Beech at airor WH (2)
Chess Game
Daffodils and Shells
Ducks Apple Blossoms (2)
Farewell to the Horses
Feeding ducks at the Pond
Feeding Hens Runner Ducks
Feeding the Hens
Gardening with Hens
Girl with Child
Girl with Flowers
green jug flowers checked cloth
Hyacinth in Bud
Mackerel Fishing
Mailboat Leaving Inverie
Mallards Feeding
Man Digging with Hens
Mother Reading with her Baby
Pear Tree and the Black Cat
pear tree black cat
Picking Late Peas
Picnic with bullocks
Pigeons in Clematis
Pink Hyacinth
Pond in Spring
Quiet Pony
Restoring the Angel, Rome
Runner Ducks
Running with Hens
running with white duck
Somerset Garden with Black Cat
Spring Allotment
Still Life with Pink Jug Apple
Still Life with Yellow Cup
Tea with Rosa
The Boat and Fish
The Borghese Gardens
The Carving and the Foxgloves
The Fish Picnic
The Gardener’s Cottage
the green jug autumn flowers shell
the last apple
The Mackerel Catch
The Old Pier and Primroses, Knoydart
The Singing Recital, Knoydart
the white cow
tobias the angel fish
Tree Climbing with Jack Russell
Tree Climbing
Tulips and Foxes
working at the pond
Young Horse Chestnut
Conversation by the window (Gouache)
Cooking lesson
Digging with hens
Feeding the gulls
Feeding the runner ducks
Getting off the small boat
Girl selling leeks (Gouache)
Girl with her child
Green jug
Hannah with lettuce
Ian’s boat
In Mary’s garden
Lily of the valley (Gouache)
Lily of the valley and roses
Mackerel fishers
Mallard feeding
Mary with my cat
Mother and child with dog
Mother and child
Nora rolling pastry, with cat
Hannah with black hen
Allotment at Aldburgh
Picnic in Chiswick Park
River vies with hollyhocks and cat
River with ducks, man and dog
Sheep with lambs
Shepherds with their flocks
Talking to the fishermen
The allotment near Bath
The lesson, with cat
The new pier
The painter’s table
The rams
The teacher
Tobias, fish and angel
Violin and cello (Gouache)
Young pheasants feeding
Fatima Ironing
Still Life with pears and apples
Lilly of the Valley
Highland garden
Irish Kitchen Garden
Cows on Airor Beach
Autumn Wild Flowers
Farm in County Wexford
From my window in the West Highlands
Thames View from my garden in Chiswick
Cows at Irish field
The Musicians
The Drink at the End of the Day
The Studio
View of the River
The Highland Funeral
The Dog Walker
Pontoon and Swans
Boys with Birds
The Pear Tree
Digging leeks
Flower in Jug
Hair Drying in Kitchen
Arrival and Landing the Ladder
One Day Snow
River Garden, Chiswick Mall
Small Graveyard, Knoydart
The Vegetable Garden, Knoydart
Planting the New Rockery
Tulips and Snowdrops
West Highland Croft
The Greeting, Knoydart Pier
The Rooster
Madeleine Drawing, with Dog
White Horse in the Graveyard Field, Knoydart
Picnic with Cockerel
On the Pier
Garden, Early Summer
Holding the White Hen
Pollarding on the Eyot, Chiswick
Visiting Fishing Boat, West Highlands
Madeleine Painting, West Highlands
Snow on the Rivergarden
Magnolia and the Elephant
Cows In Irish Field
The Painting Class
View from Thames Garden
Rosa, Cat and Shells
Wayside Homestead, Devon
The Dog Walker
Madeleine Drawing with Dog, West Highlands
Pastry Making with Baby and Cat
Picnic by Fallen Tree
Madeleine Painting a Sheep, West Highlands
Arrival and Departure, Mailboat Knoydart
Still Life with Camelias and Cows
Pears and Apples
Madeleine Painting
The Studio
Boat Repairs, West Highlands
Girls with Shells, West Highlands
Evening Croft, West Highlands
Enamel Jug with Flowers
Summer Wild Flowers
Cat and jug with flowers
Sweet William
Cauliflower and Chaffinches
Blackbirds and grapes
The One-day Snow
Seagull in the Window, Scotland
Hairdressing Day
The Fallen Tree
The Black Boat
Arrival and landing
Girl with Cat Christmas Card - 5 for £2.50
The Black Boat
Catherine Painting – West Highlands
Ironing with Cat and Seagull
Victoria Feeding the Pigs
Bringing in the Cattle
Table in the window
Bringing in the Cattle
Catherine Painting in Scotland
Free Range Chickens
Small Black Boat
Victoria Feeding Piglets with Terrier
Hannah with her Lettuce
White Hen with her Chicks
Shell Collecting
Tea by the river with Jack Russell
Primroses in Jug
Talking to Seagulls
Sweet Williams and Apple
Basket of Primroses
Haul of Mackerel
Keeper’s cottage, Knoydart
Mackerel fishing
Sheep and Boat Repairs
Busy Garden
The Dozing Custodian
Reading, Windy Picnic
Picnic with Baby and Fish
Repairs to the Green Boat
The First Palm Sunday
Picnic with Gulls
Duck with Ducklings
Feed Time in the Valley
Tulips, Pears and Paints
Glass Jug with Flowers
Lily of the valley in stripey mug
Victoria feeding pigs
Finding shells with dog
Jug with anemones, West Highlands
Saturday by the river
Duck and ducklings
My broad beans and blackbird
Mary releasing pigeon
The fallen tree - beer break
Broad beans
Bringing in the white cow and calf
Looking for shells, with picnic
Pug in the allotment
Girl with cockerel
Frying fish
Boy with fish
Picnic lunch, Mallaig
Cattle coming in
Evening walk, West Highlands
Sorting fish, West Highlands
Autumn flowers
Last of the plums
Scottish garden, with hens
Broad beans and rhubarb
Garden digging
Man digging and blue hyacinths
Starting to rain on the allotment
Allotment Aldeburgh
Foxes and the hare
Girl reading by window
Mail boat at Inverie
Old pier and primroses, Knoydart
Running with hens
Seagull on windowsill
Sumi sorting onions
Police at Knoydart
Autumn bonfire
Boys with birds on their heads (from Mrs Gaskell
Geese in the garden
Feeding poultry
Two gulls
Boats arrival at Knoydart
Still life with fish in the window
Catherine drawing by croft
Repairing the boats
Low tide on Knoydart
Girl with baby and foxgloves
The greenhouse, Dorset
Picking peas
Sheep and washing
Girl with rabbit and peacock
Moonlight on the harbour
Garden with sweet peas
Evening on the allotment
The picnic
The Piano Lesson
The allotment
The Kiss
Somerset pear tree
Ladies sewing
The beach
Boy with rabbit
Annunciation with sewing
Chiswick Eyot, early spring
Crofter with geese and hens
Shepherd talking to cow
Victoria and lilies
The orange cat and Fatima
The view from my window with snow
The fallen tree beer break
View from our house, West Highlands
Marigolds and autumn flowers in mug
Madeleine with tea and cat
Evening walk, West Highlands
Cows above the hedgerow
Chatting on the pier
Calf feeding in the hedge
Marsh marigolds
Village boat repairs
Pushing out the dinghy
Tobias catching the fish
Pulling dandelions
Still life with hyacinth and primroses
On the boat to Knoydart
Lily of the valley
Sisters on the boat with dog
Girl with flowers
View from the garden
Autumn flowers in jug
Family by the sea
Buying the lobster
Reading by the fire
Blue striped mug with flowers
Tea break with baby and cat
Still life with yellow cup
The hay yard
Autumn flowers
Ducks in the orchard
One day snow
Bird feeder
Primroses in jug
Evening garden
Family by the sea
Last of the pears
Gardening with hens, County Wexford
Kite flying, West Highlands, Scotland
Still life and Loch Nevis
Mackerel fishing
Picnic with baby at Knoydart
Boat repairs, Mallaig
Reading with cat and lily
Flowers and bowl by the window with geese
Finding shells
Flowers and acorns
The river at Chiswick
Low tide, Chiswick dry dock
Tea with baby and cat
Hyacinth in jam jar in window
From the drawdock on Chiswick Mall
Cat with peas and blackbird
Picking figs
Blackbird and grapes
Winter still life with shell
Bringing in the hens for feed time
Looking up the River with seagulls
Studio room with old painter
Bedtime story
Zebra and daffodils
Simeon and the Christ Child
Flowers in pottery jug
Evening with geese and hydrangeas
Christmas roses
Drying Madeleine
Sandra weeding
Lily of the valley and lemon
Autumn flowers in the blue striped mug
Teapot and green apples
Victoria painting
Beached boat repairs
Girl sewing in window
Christmas roses in Indian pot
Alison reading in window
Cows feeding in ditch
Madeleine with baby on beach
View from the window with sea holly and cherries
View of sailing boats with eggs and camelia
Girl painting
Girl sewing with cat and tea-tray
Tea with baby and cat
Calf feeding in the hedge
Highland croft with hens
Girl and birds flying
Italian restoration
Spring flowers and rare eggs
Boat departure, West Highlands
Painting and sailing boats
Jug and brushes in the window
View from the window
Pulling peas with geese
Painting class
Girls painting
Teatime from my window
Sudden downpour
Piano lesson
West Highland shepherd
Pulling dandelions
Finding shells
The First Palm Sunday
The fallen tree beer break
The orange cat and Fatima
Cauliflower and Chaffinches
View from Chiswick draw dock, up river to Barnes
Portrait of Tom, a dog
Father and child reading
Jesus changing water into wine
Family relaxing by boat
Cutting the osiers, Chiswick Eyot
Picnic with black boat
Drink to the river
April snow
Girl reading with baby
Mother with baby and birds
Still life, late March
Picnic by the grey boat, West Highlands
Child reading
Early evening, West Highlands
Shepherds and sheep, West Highlands
Poultry feedtime
Snowdrops and apples
Still life with pottery sheep
Primroses in mug
West Highland shepherd
Sweet williams
View of the Thames from Chiswick Draw Dock
Trekking horses, West Highlands
A pond in Somerset
Picnic with sea holly and grapes
Cyclamen in Coronation mug
Keeper’s Cottage
Pastry making
Flowers on the table
Gathering the sheep, West Highlands
Girl painting
Crofter’s calves
Low tide: pushing out the dinghy
Finding shells
Boats in harbour, Mallaig
Shepherds and sheep, West Highlands
Remembering Chiswick Park
Blackbirds and broad beans
Sad Christ with fish
Lily of the valley, tulips and pottery rabbit
Tea with baby and horse
West Highlands shepherd
Evening, West Highlands
Reading, evening sunlight, West Highlands
Evening harbour
Picnic in Chiswick Park
Healing the sick man at Bethesda
The Christ Child reading
Autumn flowers
Still life with catkins
The field, early morning
Pigeon in my cabbage
Ironing the Russian tablecloth
The heron, Chiswick Park
Autumn flowers
Sweet william
Red roses
Snowdrops in brown mug
Making pastry
Evening village
Boat mending
Irish farm
Garden with black hens and apples
Girl with jug of tulips
Garden by the sea, West Highlands
Hairdressing at home
Handing up the baby
Rain coming, London allotment
Evening, Thames by Chiswick Draw Dock
Swans and boat near the eyot
Girl sewing
Spring flowers in striped mug
Snowdrops in glass jug
Chat by the river with wine
Shepherds and angels
A pond in Somerset
Lily of the valley
Moonlight, Inverie
Mother and child on beach
Swans passing by
Inverie Bay from window with lily of the valley
Wind, washing and hens
Cooking the mackerel
Crofter by sunflower and hens
Beached boats
Girl sewing with geranium and teapot
View from my window
Cow and calf
Pigeon on Mother and Child
West Highlands shepherd
The sisters in their garden
London allotment
Tea with baby and horses
Birds feeding, Chiswick
Shelling peas
Cooking the plaice
Picnic in Chiswick Park