Paintings for sale
These paintings are currently for sale. Please contact Anthea if you are interested in buying one.
Mother and child looking at birds
Flowers in pottery jug
Teapot and green apples
Geese in the garden (Scotland)
West Highland shepherd
Picnic with black boat
Drink to the river
Early evening, West Highlands
Shepherds and sheep, West Highlands
Poultry feedtime
Snowdrops and apples
Still life with pottery sheep
West Highland shepherd
Trekking horses, West Highlands
A pond in Somerset
Picnic with sea holly and grapes
Cyclamen in Coronation mug
Flowers on the table
Girl painting
Low tide: pushing out the dinghy
Shepherds and sheep, West Highlands
Sad Christ with fish
Lily of the valley, tulips and pottery rabbit
Tea with baby and horse
West Highlands shepherd
Evening, West Highlands
Panther and his dogs
Vicarage children on the garden wall
Cooking by candlelight
Molly lighting the fire
Bonzo biting Midge
Dr Nelson’s bee stings
Painting the bathroom (sketch)
Dr Nelson sleeping with gun, dogs etc
Sister bringing plum pudding
Dancing with the sisters
Vests for babies
Molly shooing the hens
Hen snatching cake
Lawrence’s nightmare raft
Autumn flowers
Still life with catkins
The field, early morning
Pigeon in my cabbage
Ironing the Russian tablecloth
The heron, Chiswick Park
Autumn flowers
Sweet william
Red roses
Snowdrops in brown mug
Making pastry
Irish farm
Garden with black hens and apples
Girl with jug of tulips
Garden by the sea, West Highlands
Hairdressing at home
Handing up the baby
Rain coming, London allotment
Evening, Thames by Chiswick Draw Dock
Girl sewing
Spring flowers in striped mug
Snowdrops in glass jug
Chat by the river with wine
Shepherds and angels
A pond in Somerset
Lily of the valley
Moonlight, Inverie
Mother and child on beach
Swans passing by
Inverie Bay from window with lily of the valley
Wind, washing and hens
Cooking the mackerel
Crofter by sunflower and hens
Beached boats
Girl sewing with geranium and teapot
View from my window
Cow and calf
Pigeon on Mother and Child
West Highlands shepherd
The sisters in their garden
London allotment
Tea with baby and horses
Birds feeding, Chiswick
Shelling peas
Picnic in Chiswick Park
Mother and child with birds, Chiswick Park
Jug with flowers
Moonlight, Inverie, West Highlands
Cow and calf
Inverie Bay from window with lily of the valley
Mother and child on beach
Feeding the Hens
Hot day by the sea
The Chiswick Eyot in February
Still life with lemons
Sunset over Chiswick Eyot
Sea landscape with blue cup
Pussy willow in the window
Still life with buttercups
Lily of the valley
Pottery rabbit
Picnic under black boat
Girl sewing with geraniums and cat
Fishing by moonlight
Picnic in the cove
The student
Lemons and anemones
The pigeon
Restoring the angel
Mailboat handing up the baby
Windy washing
Nuns peeling potatoes
February evening, Chiswick Draw Dock
Girl drawing in window, West Highlands
Nuns peeling potatoes
Early morning Thames, Chiswick Mall
The Endeavour, Chiswick Draw Dock
Girl reading, last light
Saint Francis returning
Evening party
The eyot, low tide, from the West
Martha and Mary
Bringing in the cows
Fatima and the trout
Cedars and sphinxes, Chiswick Park
Mother and child and magnolia
Last feed before bedtime
Cherry blossom
The fish